Testimonials from Our Clients

Relativity Digital Systems is unique in that not only do they provide operating, software and hardware support and development service but Michael in particular has a deep and leading edge understanding of total hardware, systems and application integration that is unmatched and not available with the typical mass hardware retailers. Michael built workstations, servers and laptops for The Auld Company and all of these units performed exceptionally well and provided an unusually long life prior to the need for updates. This amounted to a true cost of ownership that was much lower than other alternatives we evaluated and at the same time we had the benefit of unmatched performance. The ability to pick hardware from off the shelf systems or build from scratch to address specific needs was very valuable to us.

I have been a customer of Michael and his company for over 13 years. Michael and his team at Relativity Digital Systems were the total IT solution for The Auld Company and consistently provided outstanding comprehensive service.

I highly recommend Michael and Relativity digital systems.

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